Berenschot CO2

ACT – Accelerating CCS technologies

ACT CO2-opslag
Internationaal onderzoek naar afvang en opslag van CO2

ACT Eco-base is developing CCS roadmaps for SE Europe.

An international partnership of science and industry has begun a far-reaching project to help transform six European industrial regions into economically robust, low-carbon centers by 2025.

  • CCS activities concentrated in NW Europe
  • CCS is EU-wide priority
  • Use ERA-NET ACT to support SE Europe in developing CCS

Key point in SE Europe

Use CO2-EOR opportunities to initiate CO2 capture and utilisation

Key questions

  • How can CO2-EOR support development of CCS in Romania, Turkey, Greece?
  • What are relevant volumes of CO2 for CCU?

Impact: support development of CCS:

Setting up and updating roadmaps, copying current NW European CCS plans / roadmaps and utilising CCU benefits

Organizing workshops, summer schools to transfer NW Europe knowledge and experience

ECO-BASE facts

  • Budget: M€ 1.6
  • Duration: 1/9 2017 – 31/8 2020


  • NO: IRIS (coordinator)
  • RO: Pic-OIL, GeoEcoMar, CO2- Club
  • NL: TNO

Associates: KAPSARC (S-Arabia), Sotacarbo (IT)

Niels Berghout of the International Energy Agency:

“Our analysis shows that around 14% of the emissions reductions needed up to 2060 will have to come from CCS to meet the 2°C target, and 19% to stay below the 2°C target. International research collaborations which unite science and industry in a common purpose, are vital to deepen our technological understanding and move CCS forward.”


Filip Neele

T. +31 88 866 48 59


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