Control and Reserve Power

Control and Reserve Power

Control and Reserve Power
Control and Reserve Power

Control and Reserve Power

4 researches to secure the power network

  • Thema: products and services
  • Onderwerp: SG: Distribution (MV LV)

Electrical Infrastructure of the Future (preside at TU/e group EES):

  • Functional specification and design of new infrastructures.
  • Distribution network fully controlled by power electronics.
  • Specification and design of information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Evaluation on economical aspects and market perspectives

Power Quality in future infrastructures (preside at TU/e group EES):

  • New probable boundary conditions of the electricity use.
  • Economical optimum
  • Characteristics and interactions of the connected apparatus/generators
  • New developments of the power electronic devices

Control and Reserve Power (preside at TU/e group CS):

  • Effects of DG on the required amount of control and reserve power.
  • Requirements and measures to secure a reliable electrical energy supply with the  lowest costs and environmental impact
  • No central control on available production capacity and load estimation

Transition Roadmap Energy Infrastructure in the Netherlands (preside at TU/e group AW):

  • Experiments en demonstration based projects accelerating the transition forward a sustainable energy supply.
  • “Toolbox” consisting of new technical, economical and social variables and   models
  • Behavior and response of several actors on new integrated technical- economical-social systems and structures


TU Eindhoven, Electrical Engineering team EOS

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